• Marketing Planning
  • Video development with motion graphics
  • Social media management
  • Creating images for various physical and digital media



The U-Bike Portugal Project is a project at national level, coordinated by the Institute of Mobility and Transport, IP (IMT). The aim is to promote sustainable mobility through the use of electric and conventional bicycles. Launched in September 2019 by the IPCA, this project quickly ended up suffering the consequences of the pandemic that did not allow the expected adhesion.

With the return to normality, and recognizing the full potential of this sustainable concept, IPCA decided to invest in renewed and effective communication. The challenge they gave us was the elaboration of the entire marketing plan for the project and, later, its execution.

After defining the strategy for disseminating and promoting this service to the target audience, we proceeded to collect images and develop content for social networks. To finalize the campaign, we created a video where we used Motion Graphics, highlighting all the relevant information about the service.

This partnership has always had the principle of being an active voice in environmental awareness and showing how important it is for us to ride together for a better future.