PT Store

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PT Store is a computer and telecommunications company that sells and repairs electronic products. Focusing on the constant growth of its business and aware of technological advances, it decided to be present in the digital market. For this, he entrusted us with the tasks of developing his website and designing the logo.

Despite the wide reach of social networks, the company recognizes that the website continues to be one of the main points of contact between a business and its consumers and that the online store also brings advantages to customers such as comfort and 24-hour availability.

We try to design a website with a built-in online store, which adapts to different devices, with a simple and intuitive design. In developing the logo, we paid attention to the core business, which involves repairing smartphones. Therefore, the image created illustrates the replacement of a screen on a smartphone.

Throughout the process, we seek to portray the brand's values ​​and mission: quick assistance, quality assurance in all services and customer satisfaction.